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When we turned up for the Retford Rotary Club Friday morning stint at Retford Distribution Centre of the Foodbank, we read in the day book that we were expecting two trolleys of food from Asda during the day.
We took in three donations from members of the public, made up two food parcels and gave out one parcel.
We were sorting and shelving the third donation, just before our shift was due to end, when the doorbell rang. It was Emma and staff from Asda with their trolleys. Except, there were five large trolleys absolutely full of food!
Emma told us that two of the trolleys were from Asda staff, but the other three trolleys were from the travelling community. They had bought food in Asda and then asked if they could donate it to the Foodbank through the store.
The photo shows Adrian, updating the daybook, surrounded by the food donated.
On behalf of Retford Rotary Club and Bassetlaw Foodbank, we would like to thank Asda staff and the travelling community for their very generous donations.