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Rotary Club of Retford
We are neighbours, professionals, business and 
community leaders. We are global citizens uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more.

Club Membership Information

Here we offer you information on the different types of membership available within the club.
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  6. Managing Director
Full Membership
The majority of our members are Rotarians, and this is the standard club membership. There is no age limit at the time of application or thereafter. Rotarians take a full and active part in all social and philanthropic activities and attend the majority of our weekly club meetings which take place on a Monday evening at 6pm until 9pm. Experienced and senior Club Rotarians also volunteer to lead projects, committees and take up some of our officer appointments from time to time. If you are interested in joiing the club and you know any existing members you should make your enquiry through them and they will act as your sponsor. If you do not know any current members of the club you should contact the  club secretary in the first instance.   
Honorary Membership
Honorary Membership is reserved for leading professionals, business and community leaders in our local community who we believe have made a significant contribution to the wellbeing of our locality and who we wish to recognise. Honorary Members do not ordinarily take part in the club's routine activities but will be invited to the various signature events we host throughout the year. Honorary Membership is by invitation only.
Corporate Membership
The club conducts a number of local philanthropic activities throughout the locality every year and we do this on many occasions in partnership with or with support or assistance from local businesses. Many businesses support us as a way of giving something back to their local community and to meet their social responsibility commitments. If you would like your business to establish an ongoing relationship with our club, and support or help promote our activities from time to time, then Corporate Membership may be appropriate. There is no minimum commitment required. To express an interest in Corporate Membership please contact the club secretary in the first instance.