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Club Philanthropic Activities & Information

Here we provide information about our philanthropic activities, the types of organisations, projects and people whom we support and how to seek assistance from us.
Local Charities and Community Organisations
Each year we support a number of local charities and community organisations, as well as the local branches of some national organisations. Our support can be project or service orientated, or take the form of a donation. It is not necessary to be a registered charity for us to support you. We do however conduct due dligence on all organisations before offering our assistance. If you have a project you would like helpwith, or simply need assistance with general funding and operations, please contact us. Please contact the club secretary in the first instance or complete the contact form on our contact page
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Schools and Youth Groups
Our Youth Services team works throughout the year with many local schools and youth organisations to deliver projects and activities. We have a wealth of experience working with young people in schools and the community. If you are a school or youth group from within the DN22 area and would like to discuss ways in which we could assist you please contact the club secretary in the first instance or complete the contact form on our contact page
International Projects
In addition to our local community and youth projects we also have a vibrabt and active international team who support through both direct service and donations a number of overseas projects, inclduing the Rotary project to end Polio worldwide, and a club specific project to provide assistance to a number of pre-school organisations in South Africa. We have also recently completed a project to provide medical and mobility aids to Romania through a partnership project with a Roatry Club based in that country. In addition, we are able to provide rapid fundrasing and donations for immediate relief when disaster strikes elsewhere in the world. If you would like to know more about our international activities please contact our club secretary .
Families and Individuals
Much of our philanthropic activities are centred around supporting local charities and community organsiation, however a part of our work involves helping local families or individuals directly. This can be a family or individual with special needs, or with a particular talent or gift. Our support can inlcude direct assistance, help with fundraising or a financial donation. We are always happy to consider any type of request. If you would like to request assistance either on your own behalf or someone that you know please contact the club secretary or complete the form on our contact page .